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We Have ran Sound for some of the best acts on earth!

Quality Gear is always used. you can find products from JBL, Soundcraft, Yamaha, DBX, QSC,Shure, Whirlwind and a few others. We strive to stay away from " budget minded brands"  in order to provide the best quality and reliability possible. ALL gear is in full working order before it leaves the warehouse, or we wont use it, period! We have Ground Stack systems, Medium Format Line Arrays, Digital and Analog Mixing Consoles, choice of mics, and More! Just ask us about our various levels of equipment to suit the needs for  many different types of events.

Every Situation and Event has its own needs and desires.Therefore, we do not have a set price list. WE WILL however provide the right system for the situation, at the best  prices possible. We are always happy to match or beat another provider's estimate..


"Its Amazing how we sounded"- Mike Roach, Lead singer, RAREFORM


"A Fantasitc Sound CO!" - Kevin F, Owner, City Limits Saloon


"QUALITY..PURE QUALITY.Thanks!"- James  C (Raleigh nightclub owner)


"Can I book You next time..and the time after?"- Anna E, nonprofit Fundraiser

"Anytime you need a reference, Just look at Southbound Jamboree.Quality Show!"_ Pete T, VA Promotor