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Electrical Requirements



  1. What kind of equipment can we expect?

    The Equpiment is all brand name items from such manufactures as Shure, DBX, JBL, Soundcraft, and more. we try to keep all the equipment in excellent condition, and all of it is working when it leaves the shops!

  2. Do you Deliver , Set Up, Operate, Load out Gear?

    Yes, all of the above. We take care of all the equipment and needs. you have other things to focus your event on, so we take the stress out!

  3. Do You Offer Stages and Generators?

    Yes, We do. We can work out package specific items detailed to your perticular event site. 

  4. What Gear Do You Have Available?

    We carry Pro and Tour Quality Gear. We do not use budget Brands! Please see the " About Us" section for a more detailed list of gear available! 

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  1. How much do you charge?

    Each and every event is unique. it has its own pluses and hurdles to overcome. therefore we price our events, based on the needs of the event, needs of venue, location of venue, and the date itself. 

  2. Can you offer total event pricing (to simplify billing)?

    Yes. We are always happy to cover any related items pertaining to your event and situation. We offer from just a small setup all the way to total turn key productions!

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Electrical Requirements

  1. How Much electricity do your shows need?

    Typically we ask for no less than 60 amps of power. this is 3 seperate 20 amp household circuits. these outlets may not share any other items other than stage used items. we have power distro pannels available for location tap points. please email us for discussion of generator options if required.

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  1. Where are you Located Out Of?

    we are based in Raleigh NC, just outside downtown area.

    We also have another warehouse in Timberlake, NC. We can serve ALL  OF NC, VA, SC. WE WILL TRAVEL ANYWHERE!

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